The Cutest Cat Breeds - The Persian Cat

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Karen Dell

Senior Editor • Backyard Cat Enclosures

23 March 2018

The fluffy and fur-bulous Persian cat breed has an undeserved reputation for being snobbish. But Persian cats are actually one of the most affectionate cat breeds you will ever meet. Loyal and loving, hoomans who have kept company with Persian cats know that there is nothing nicer than a cuddle from these floof balls. Have a peek at why we think Persian puddas are one of the cutest cat breeds!

Persian cats are pretty puddas

Big beautiful Persian peepers and a cute-as-a-dang-button nose! The Persian cat's face is so adorable it's almost too much for our hooman hearts to take.

Persian cats frolic with finesse

While Persian puddas aren't Abyssinian level active, they do enjoy a fur-bulous frolic with their favourite purr-ent and an ornate bauble or two. Keep them spoiled like the pudda prince or princess they are with a selection of quality cat toys.

Persian cats pre-fur the company of hoomans

These independent fur babies prefer the company of purr-ents and hooman fur-iends. While they will tolerate a fur-sibling or two, Persian cats make a purr-fectly loyal companion for cat ladies and cat lads.

Persian cats are 100% pure floof

LOOK AT THE FLOOF. Nothing is cuter than a big furball of a kitty and Persian cats are one of the fluffiest cat breeds EVER. Have a peek at our top 5 fluffy cat breeds for more squee!

Need more fluffin’ cute? Of course you do! Have a little peek at our guide to the Persian cat breed here or pop on over to our guide to keeping your fur babies safe with an outdoor cat enclosure here.


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