The Cutest Cat Breeds - The Maine Coon Cat

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Karen Dell

Senior Editor • Backyard Cat Enclosures

14 December 2017

SO HECKIN’ FLUFFY! Maine Coon cats are handsome hairballs that have big hearts to match their big toe beans. This hefty cat breed will have you fallin’ in fur baby love with its gentle giant temperament. Have a peek at why we think Maine Coons are one of the cutest cat breeds!

Maine Coon cats are fuzz monsters

Do you like fluff? Of course you do! The Maine Coon coat resembles a Game of Thrones cloak - ready for a quest north of the wall. Winter is coming - and this pudda is prepared!

Maine Coon cats are gentle giants

Big = beautiful. Maine Coon kitties are large and in charge. They often dominate largest cat competitions but despite their giant size, they are curious, gentle and affectionate.

Maine Coon cats like a paw paddle

You’d think such a fine coat wearing cat would hate the water, but these kitties are notorious for dipping a toe bean into the bath or frolicking in the shower.  

Maine Coon cats are chatty chirpers

If you like a cat that chats back - the Maine Coon is one to consider. They love a chin-wag and chirp the day away, gazing at birds beyond their enclosure.

Maine Coon cats are independent puddas

No need to feel suffocated by all that floofin’ cuteness and their giant size. Maine Coon cats are quite independent and are happy to keep themselves occupied with a catnap… or two.

Need more heckin’ cute? Of course you do! Have a little peek at our guide to the Maine Coon cat breed here or pop on over to our guide to keeping your fur babies safe with an outdoor cat enclosure here.


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