5 Ways to Celebrate New Year's Eve Like A Cat

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Karen Dell

Senior Editor • Backyard Cat Enclosures

28 December 2017

1. Be a Pampered Pudda

You've had a big year full of dangers, love, happiness, tough times and some funny as heck moments too. Relax and get centred for a night on the town - or a night in - with a Moggy Style Massage. Best enjoyed with a treat and a champagne... or two.

2. Get That Queen Treatment

It's important to look your best when it's time to shake your fluff on the dance floor - or in the living room. Make sure your coat is looking fur-bulous with some luxurious grooming from your hooman slaves.

3. Chow Down on Quality Eats

Eat a good quality meal before going out to keep your energy up. Actually, eat a good meal before staying in, too. Just eat a good quality meal, kitties.

4. Stay Purr-fectly Hydrated

Keep the dreaded hangover at bay or simply wash back those salty movie time snacks by staying hydrated. Any dripping tap will do, but a fountain drinker is more fun.

5. Have Some Fluffin' Fun!

Whether you're indoors, outdoors, with friends or curled up with a #furbaby, New Year’s Eve is a time to celebrate, so have fun, hooman!

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