Top 10 Cute Cat Followers - May 2018

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Karen Dell

Senior Editor • Backyard Cat Enclosures

29 May 2018

One of the best things about having such a lovely community on our Facebook page is that we get to see A LOT of our follower's cute cats and kittens every day! We love our Backyard Cat Enclosures Facebook fur-mily! Here are our top 10 Cute Cat Followers for May 2018...

10. Luke and his Puss-in-Boots eyes!

ginger tabby cat luke

9. Bakes in a bow-tie!

bakes bristish shorthair cat

8. Redmond all snuggled up!

cute cat in blanket

7. Yogi the squee kitten!

yogi the cute kitten

6. The lovely Lola lounging!

lola cat lounging on tree

5. Rub-a-dub Tyke!

cat in bath

4. Mork and Mindy are out of this world on the cute scale!

mork and mindy burmese cats

3. Fatty LC hams it up for the camera!

cat being silly

2. Tiffany and Coco, Siamese dreams!

tiffany and coco siamese cats

1. Zecora in the hoody hammock!

cat in hoody hammock

Make sure you follow us on Facebook here to join in the cute cat fun and submit your cute cats for June! And don't forget to take a peek at our range of cat enclosures, cat accessories and cat lover merchandise right here :)

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