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Karen Dell

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19 January 2018

The cherubic and playful Munchkin cat breed is irresistible to cat loving hoomans. This adorable yet controversial kitty will have you awwwwing and amazed with their diminutive stature, wide range of coat colours and patterns and cheeky attitude. Have a peek at why we think Munchkins are one of the cutest cat breeds!

Munchkin cats are cartoon cute

Little legs inspire large love. Munchkin cats are so adorable that they seem unreal, like a cartoon come to life. You want the cute, hooman? You can’t handle the cute!

Munchkin cats are big playas

They may be small cats, but Munchkin kitties play just as passionately as their big cousins. Their little pudda pins don't hold them back and Munchkin cats can jump, pounce and scamper with the best of ‘em.

A Munchkin cat can’t be judged by the colour of their coat

Munchkin kitties come in many different coat colours. Because the Munchkin cat breed is defined by a mutated gene that gives them their short legs, the gene can be displayed alongside other cat breed characteristics like coat colours, patterns and length. So you may meet a Munchkin cat that looks like a domestic tabby, a Bengal cat, a Persian or a Siamese.

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Little legs, big hearts

Munchkin cats are known to be adorably affectionate fur babies that will entertain you with their playfulness and spoil you with kitty boops and kisses when it’s time to settle down.

Need more heckin’ cute? Of course you do! Have a little peek at our guide to the Munchkin cat breed here or pop on over to our guide to keeping your fur babies safe with an outdoor cat enclosure here.  


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