Top 3 Maine Coon Cat Facts

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Karen Dell

Senior Editor • Backyard Cat Enclosures

05 July 2018

1. Big, beautiful and ready to boop

Looking for a gentle giant to call fur baby? Look no further. Maine Coon cats are beautifully big and have glorious longhair coats, purr-fect for cuddling on cold nights. The Maine Coon cat breed often dominates large cat competitions, but don’t be scared. These kitties are also in the finals for most affectionate cat breeds. Check out the other finalists here.

maine coon cat in shower

2. Splish splash it’s a cat in a bath

Unlike most finicky felines, Maine Coon cats love water. These puddas are well known for dipping a paw into any body of water, be it their purr-ent’s bath, a drinking fountain or the mysterious toilet bowl. If you have a Maine Coon fur baby it’s best to keep the loo lid down, hooman.

maine coon cat singing

3. Singing the song of their paw-ple

Maine Coon cats are on another level when it comes to their taste in feline vocalisations. These chatty cats leave the meows and yowls to the other puddas and sing their songs about window birds and dinner time with a series of glorious chirps and trills. Tune into our guide on other fur-bulous cat sounds right here.

Are you the proud purr-ent of a Maine Coon cat? Fur babies of every pattern, colour, cat breed and personality can live their best 9 lives with a secure and super fun outdoor space to call their own. Have a cheeky peek at our cat enclosure and accessories range here to keep your pudda purrin’ and purr-fectly safe as they explore the great outdoors.


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