How to Convince Your Family You Need a Cat

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Karen Dell

Senior Editor • Backyard Cat Enclosures

03 November 2017

Maybe you have someone in your life that is averse to cats. Someone that changes the subject every time you talk about kitties. Purr-haps that someone - you know who you are, GREG - insists that you don’t need to adopt a cat (or a second or third cat, maybe) or, cat forbid, they prefer... DOGS *shudders*. Worry not, fellow fur-parent. Here’s 5 ways to convince your loved one you need to adopt that cat.

1. Hold them down and make them look at cute pictures of cats

This effective form of fur-mersion therapy will start to break down their irrational aversion to the charms of felines. After their 7th viewing of your photo album entitled Cute Kittens Doing Nothing But Still Looking Super Cute they may begin to meow. This is purr-fectly normal.

2. Hold them down and make them watch this video

All scientists agree that nobody can resist the adorable charms of a Scottish Fold kitty-cat. ALL SCIENTISTS, GREG. The big eyes! The little ears! The floof! Nobody can escape the cute.

3. Hold them down and make them listen to one of these two songs

If your loved one is human they probably like Game of Thrones. The video below will help your loved one associate cats with a positive influence.

If your loved one identifies as Jedi, I have provided kitty Star Wars as an alternative influence to keep everyone purring.

4. Hold them down and make them read a VERY scientific and totally true article

Cat people are better than everyone - it’s science ;) Your loved one has a choice, they can either stay basic like GREG or level up and become fur-bulous cat people like us.

*accurate representation of the Backyard Cat Enclosures Headquarters

5. Hold them down… actually, put them in the car, do up their seat belt and take them to the local shelter to play with cats

Well, you drove all the way there so you might as well just check that that ball of fluff is available for adoption, right Greg?

Remember - all humans are cat people. They just don't know it yet. It is our responsibility as fervent feline fans to convert our cat denying loved ones. Find out more about adopting a cat here and keep those fuzzy furbabies safe and happy with an outdoor cat enclosure by yours truly ;)

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