The Cutest Cat Breeds - Scottish Fold and Scottish Straight Cats

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Karen Dell

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14 June 2018


According to the International Cat Association, the Scottish cat breed group includes the longhair and shorthair Scottish Fold and the longhair and shorthair Scottish Straight. These adorable fur babies can all be born in the same litter! The ears of the Scottish Straight are upright and the ears of the Scottish Fold are folded forward and down.

The delightfully roundheaded Scottish cat breed group is irresistible to cat loving hoomans. This popular cat breed will steal your heart with their milk saucer eyes, soft folded or straight ears and snuggly attitude. Have a peek at why we think the Scottish Fold and Scottish Straight are among the cutest of cat breeds!

Scottish Straight cats play ears up and Scottish Fold cats play ears down

A pair of purr-fectly adorable folded ears make Scottish Fold cats look like they’re sporting a jaunty little flat cap hat. These wee fur bairns are actually born with straight ears which fold over as they develop into kitten-hood. On the other paw, Scottish Straight puddas retain their straight ear style but lose none of that highlander cuteness.   

Scottish Fold and Straight cats are always ready to hug it out

What time is it? It’s always cuddle o’clock when a Scottish Fold cat is about. These calm and snuggly fur babies love to love on their hooman, their fur siblings or just about any inanimate object available.  

Scottish Fold and Straight cats have plus-sized peepers

What they lack in ear height or degree of ear fold, Scottish Fold and Scottish Straight cats make up for in eye size. Just look at the sheer size of them! These curiously cute puddas have wide and bright peepers that will melt any hooman’s brave heart. SWOON.       

Scottish Fold and Straight cats are bonnie bona fide icons

No need for haggis, Irn-Bru or a kitty-kilt. Scottish Fold and Scottish Straight cats are the true Scottish icons. With their laid-back charm and propensity for a cheeky play they embody the Scottish spirit in a far more adorable way than a sheep’s stomach full of mystery meat ever could.

Need more heckin’ cute? Of course you do! Have a little peek at our guide to the Scottish Fold cat breed here or pop on over to our guide to for choosing the best cat enclosure for your fur baby here.  


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