5 Things Cat Lovers Know For Sure

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Karen Dell

Senior Editor • Backyard Cat Enclosures

17 May 2018

To know a cat is to love a cat. These curious and crucially cute creatures have the ability to take over our lives with no resistance. While some may say that cat lovers are simply slaves to the feline, we wouldn't want it any other way.

1. Cat hair is an accessory, not a defect

To heck with what "civilised society" says. Walking out of the house with half a moggy worth of cat hair clinging to your bangin' black outfit is a purr-fectly acceptable style statement. No purr-ent worth their weight in catnip would let those cat-less freaks tell us how to dress.

2. There is no such thing as privacy

Cat lovers will never know the cold sting of loneliness that comes with having to go to the toilet on our own. We will never understand why someone would want to have a shower without a feline audience. We are never alone. And we love it.

3. If they fits, they sits

For thousands of years, cat lovers have been perplexed by the cat's propensity for contortionist behaviour. No box, vase, bag, tub, bucket or pot is off limits. Leave any size container lying about. Our cat will dutifully pour themselves into this new and exciting vessel for the feline form. Like most ways of the cat, we don't ask questions, we simply admire.

4. Cat lovers are not allowed to slack on the schedule

Dinner. Right. Meow.

5. Our food is their food - whether they like it or not

Yes, I know I just had dinner. Yes, I know I don’t like vegetables. But let me just have a taste? Just a nibble, please?

No matter their personality type or breed, we know our fur babies spoil us with so much affection during their nine lives of love! Spoil them back with a secure and stylish outdoor cat enclosure or something cute and curious from our accessories range to keep 'em purrin'!

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