Our Top 5 Famous #catladies and #catlads!

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Karen Dell

Senior Editor • Backyard Cat Enclosures

07 September 2017

These famous #catladies and #catlads help us celebrate our feline fancying ways! We like knowing that these celebrities, just like 29% of the Australian population, have pet cats to bring joy, comfort and stress-relief into their busy lives. Here are our Top 5 Famous #catladies and #catlads!

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5. Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift has shown a new generation that being a #catlady is cool. Her two Scottish Fold puddas frequently appear in her social media and delight fans worldwide.

4. Norman Reedus

The Walking Dead's Norman Reedus is the consumate #catlad. His adopted kitty Eye in the Dark has his own Instagram and sends his #catdad birthday messages ;)

3. Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart loves her cats so much she recently threw her puddas Verdi and Vivaldi a birthday party complete with organic cat food cakes sprinkled with kibble for the guests of honour.

2. Freddie Mercury

"[Freddie] Mercury was a cat man of the first order, deeply dedicated to his feline family throughout his life. His brood of cats included Oscar, Delilah, Miko, Romeo, and Goliath." - Of Cats and Men by Sam Kalda.

1. Eleanor Abernathy

Eleanor is THE quintessential #catlady - she made being a crazed cat lover cool again. It's no wonder she is honoured every halloween by fellow cat fanciers dressing up in her distinctly dishevelled look. She is everything the #catladylife entails - a strong sense of personal style and a manic devotion to her fur babies.

Are you just as mad for your puddas as these stars? Keep your fur babies safe and sound with one of our furbulous cat enclosures or cat runs!


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