Top 5 Best Gifts for a #catdad this Father's Day!

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Karen Dell

Senior Editor • Backyard Cat Enclosures

29 August 2017

Buying a Father's Day gift for a cat lovin' man can be tricky. What do you get someone who already has all they could ever want in their fur baby? We suggest indulging their love of all things pussy-cat and getting them a cat themed gift!

Here's our top 5 best gifts for a #catdad this Father's Day!

1. A catnip or cat grass planter

These plants looks furbulous AND they're practical. Cats love to munch on cat grass to keep their tummies healthy and hairballs under control. On the other hand, catnip is like your daily chocolate and a glass of wine for kitties, usually sending them into a fun frenzy or bliss-ed out stupor. It is safe and an entertaining treat to have on hand for your fur baby.

best cat themed gifts for father's day

2. A framed photo of their fur baby!

What better way to celebrate a #catdad then with a beautiful framed picture he can have by his side when he is away from home. While some people prefer framed snaps of their hoomans around them, us cool cats of Backyard Cat Enclsoures keep a reminder of our homebound fur children proudly on our desks.

best cat themed gifts for father's day

3. A new cat toy for their kitty!

Cat play is as fun for hoomans as it is for cats! Watching your kitty get into mischief is one of the true joys of pet ownership, So entertain your #catdad with a crazy session of Fireball Wave or a vigorous game of Where's the Treat?

best cat themed gifts for father's day

4. A pawesome outdoor cat enclosure!

Is your #catdad pawesome? Of course he is! All cat lovin' men are! Spoil him with the ultimate in happy hooman Father's Day gifts with the Paws Playhouse cat run! He will love knowing his fur baby is safe and happy while they enjoy the great outdoors together.

fathers day gift idea paws playhouse cat enclosure

5. A super cool limited edition Catfather t-shirt!

Why do #catladies get to have all the furry fun? Cat lovin' men should be loud and proud when it comes to showing the world their feline allegiance. It's time to suit up boys. Let your feline flag fly!

fathers day gift idea catfather tshirt


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