Top 3 Bengal Cat Facts

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Karen Dell

Senior Editor • Backyard Cat Enclosures

12 July 2018

1. A hybrid heartbreaker  

This cat breed has wild beginnings. Bengal cats are playful and exotic hybrids - created from cross breeding Asian Leopard cats with domestic cats - and the only hybrid cat breed available in Australia.  

bengal cat ready to pounce

2. Jungle boogie and bounce

Jumpin’ jellybeans! The Bengal cat is one of the most active and playful cat breeds, always ready to pounce on their next indoor or outdoor cat enclosure adventure. Keep these fur balls of energy busy with these boredom busters, try a little leash training and give them space to blow off steam in the great outdoors.

bengal cat playing with water

3. Puddle players

The Bengal cat breed is partial to some paddlin’. These fur babies enjoy romps in the bath, shared showers and spending an inordinate amount of time attending to a dripping tap. Ready to splash? Dive in to our guide to water loving puddas right here.  

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