4 Ways to Tell Tails

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Karen Dell

Senior Editor • Backyard Cat Enclosures

14 November 2017

One of the pure joys of being a cat lover is becoming bonded with your kitty. Knowing their moods, their wants, their needs and catering to their every whim is a wonderful part of being a fur-parent. But if this is your first foray into fur-parent life or if your moody moggy is displaying a new flavour of cat behaviour, it can be tricky to decipher their body language. Never fear cat lovers! We are here to translate the tale your cat’s tail is telling you.

happy cat body language

Straight up happy cat behaviour

A straight up tail is a happy tale. If your cat confidently struts their fluff about the house with a raised but relaxed tail then you’ve got a happy kitty on your hands.

angry cat body language

So fluffy! So angry! 

Your puddas aren’t subtle when it comes to body language and cat behaviour. They don’t say, “Nothing’s wrong, hooman, I’m fine.” and then mumble inaudible insults under their tuna-breath as they slink away. If your cat is grumpy they will let you know it about it. Their tail fur will stand on end and bristle with the rage of a thousand moggies. 

anxious cat body language

Anxiously tucked 

Who are you? What is going on? Why is there no tuna in the cupboard? Do you love me? Where did you go today? While we can’t read a cat’s mind - though we are pretty sure they can read ours - we can confirm that cat behaviour displays like a submissive stance and a tucked away tail means an un-happy fur-baby. Ease their stress with some of these tips.  

excited cat body language

Wigglin’ wild cat behaviour

Does your pudda-cat quiver their tail when you chat to them? You must be blowing their mind with your stories - that cat is furry excited! A happy cat’s raised but relaxed tail will give a little wiggle when something is mentally stimulating or piques their interest.  

Still wondering what on earth your little fuzzball is trying to tell you? There’s more to cat chat than a tail tale. Have a peek at our guide to other cat behaviour and body language here.  


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