Kiddy-cats: the top 5 cat breeds for your children

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Karen Dell

Senior Editor • Backyard Cat Enclosures

14 October 2016

Let’s get one thing clear: cats are the best, and every well-adjusted human being loves them. Even so-called ‘dog people’ can’t help but let out a guilty smile at the latest viral video. Will they ever realise the error of their ways? Only time will tell. But in the meantime, you can do your part by teaching your offspring the way of the cat. To do this, you’ll need the help of a fully-certified feline instructor. However, some cats make better teachers than others - the following cat breeds are ideal pets for kids:

Australian Mist Cat Breed

Fittingly, there’s no more laid-back kitty than the Australian Mist. This cat breed is more than happy to kick back with the grown-ups, but they’re equally at home participating in your childrens’ occasionally nonsensical games. All in a day’s work for this Aussie battler.

Bengal Cat Breed

With its gorgeous wildcat coat, the Bengal cat breed makes a purrific stand-in for the lions and tigers in your kids’ fantastical adventures. Moreover, this kitty just. doesn’t. stop. Watch the Bengal cat run circles around your children and whisper ‘thanks’ as you tuck them into an early bedtime. A treat or two won’t go amiss either.

Ragdoll Cat Breed

If, on the other hand, your kids are more of the tea-party variety, they’ll find the Ragdoll cat breed a wonderful guest. Owing to their tendency to go limp at the touch, the Ragdoll will happily submit to your kids’ more obsessive-compulsive traits, as they arrange and rearrange teatime to the purrfect table setting.

Maine Coon Cat Breed

We know you love your children, but there’s no shame in admitting they can be overenthusiastic sometimes. We’ve all been 5 years old! The Maine Coon cat breed is the purrfect pet for kids that would test another kitty’s patience. This gentle giant is robust and gentle with your wild ones - just make sure to give it an outdoor enclosure to run to when the tykes get too much to handle. That said, remember that cats aren’t toys, and you should teach your child to treat all animals with the respect they deserve.

Devon Rex Cat Breed

The Devon Rex cat breed has all the essential qualities of a Disney sidekick. Move over Mushu! This breed is silly, playful comedic relief, and your kids won’t ever tire of your cat’s antics. Just make sure the relationship runs both ways - this cat craves entertainment as much as your children do, so keep your house well-stocked with toys.

Ready to adopt a cat? Consider an older cat instead of a kitten - they deal better with children!


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