5 Reasons to Love Devon Rex Cats

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Karen Dell

Senior Editor • Backyard Cat Enclosures

20 September 2016

The British Isles are the home of many a legendary mythical creature, leprechauns, dragons, fairies, witches and wizards but none of these to compare to the adorable Devon Rex cats.

Kirlee Kitties

As fantastical as these cats look, this breed wasn’t the result of an imaginative breeding programme. The Devon Rex breed happened purely by accident when a stray cat cave birth to a curly haired kitten named Kirlee. Thankfully Kirlee’s curly gene must have been a dominant one as her line still continues.

Fantasy Feline

With their elfin ears, impish eyes and pixie-like faces the Devon Rex wouldn’t look out of place walking alongside Frodo Baggins on his quest to Mount Mordor. Their small, fine-boned bodies and uniquely curly coats make this cat as serenely beautiful as Arwen and her fellow elves.

Mountains of Energy

A trip to Mordor would be an adventure that this naughty little imp would relish. Not only do Devon Rex cats have bags of energy but they’re incredibly loyal, making them excellent companions. They’ll want to walk, eat and play with you whenever possible! Under attack from some Orcs? No worries. Whether it’s patrolling the boundaries, fetching weapons (they love to play fetch), swinging into the action from a rope or distracting them with games, this mischievous little kitty will find new ways to pounce.

The Precious One

Just as The Ring becomes the centre of Frodo’s world you will become the centre of your Devon Rex’ world. You’ll never walk alone with this cat breed around, they’re incredibly social and will eat, sleep and breath you, literally. Well not the breathing bit… but they’ll eat with you, curl up on your knee or around your neck and if you let them, they’ll sleep with you as well.


This cat breed does not like to be alone, if you can’t promise it the attention it craves consider a second cat for it to share its adventures with or, even better, create a fantasy world all of their own in a safe and secure outdoor enclosure.

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