20 Furbulous Facts About Cats!

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Karen Dell

Senior Editor • Backyard Cat Enclosures

27 July 2017

Hello hooman. To find yourself on this site means you must be a fanatic for felines, but there may be more than meets the cat's eye when it comes to your ferociously cute friends. As your furry overlords, we command you - sit down in your lovely outdoor enclosure, pat your precious pudda and peruse these furbulous bite sized facts about cats and catkind.

1. A group of cats can be called a clowder, a glaring, a kindle or a clutter.

2. Cats can't taste sweet things.

cat and owner touching paw to hand

3. Grown up cats only meow to communicate with their hooman.

4. Female cats are usually right pawed and male cats are left pawed.

close up of cat's face whiskers

5. Cats use their whiskers to feel out the size of a space.

6. Just like our fingerprints, a cat's nose has a unique pattern.

7. There is a 0.0014% chance your cat's name is Katy Purry.

8. The oldest cat breed is the pawesome Egyptian Mau.

cat irritated by human

9. Cats can be allergic to humans.

10. Cats rub against you to mark their territory.

11. Cats are usually lactose intolerant - no milk for the puddas!

cat grooming paw with tongue

12. Hairballs are formally named bezoars.

13. Cats only sweat from their footsies and toe-beans.

14. Kitty-cats can swivel their ears 180 degrees.

15. Boy cats are called Toms and lady cats are called Queens.

cat on back showing paws and toes

16. They have 5 toe-beans on their front paws and 4 toe-beans on their back paws.

17. Calico cats are always ladies.

18. The most popular purebred cats are Persians, followed by Maine Coons and Siamese puddas.

19. Cats are purrfectionists and spend over 1/3 of their waking hours grooming themselves.

20. Cat lovers are officially known as Ailurophiliacs!

cat in lap of owner

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