5 Reasons to Love the Egyptian Mau Cat

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Karen Dell

Senior Editor • Backyard Cat Enclosures

20 September 2016

Illustration of Egiptian Mau cat

Egyptian Mau Cat. Say it out loud, human. Feel the way the ‘Mau’ echoes around the room, a disembodied voice. There is power in this word: the power of love. Let us teach you the way of Mau.

The gods demand it

Know this: you are not the first to practice the creed of Mau. This cat breed has been revered as far back as the ancient Egyptians. Some would have you believe that this cat does not actually originate in Egypt - but why the name then? Why the name, naysayers? Falsehood is not the way of Mau: it is said. Let the ritual commence.

You are in awe

Stare deep into the eyes of Mau: verdant green, like an oasis in its desert-coloured coat. With great difficulty, you tear your gaze away from the piercing eyes of the Egyptian Mau Cat. You feel as if you’ve stared directly at the sun. Spots appear in your vision: the spots of Mau, like the cat’s spotted coat. It is a vision. You are hypnotised, you are overwhelmed. You are overcome with Mau: it is said.

They are everywhere at once

The room is spinning now. You turn around to brace yourself against the kitchen counter, and there is Mau, level with your face: green eyes, twin fires of the afterworld. You cannot look again, you turn away and there it is. Mau is in everything you see. Another lesson learned, one you cannot ignore, Mau moves faster than thinking: it is said.

You will be handsomely rewarded

You close your eyes now, and sure as the rising sun there is Mau again. Mau speaks to you - chirps and warbles - but soothing, always soothing. Mau loves you, Mau will protect you. In exchange for your loyalty, your love, your playthings. Mau is your light in the darkness: it is said.

The waters of the Nile call to you

You open your eyes and breathe in deep. Everything is as it was, if a little changed. You decide a shower might do you some good. You turn the water on - and there is Mau, by your side where other cats will not go. Mau is always with you: it is said.

Hark! If you would know more of the Egyptian Mau Cat, read our breed profile. If you would like to secure playthings for your new master, click here.


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