The Top 10 #aussiecats of Instagram!

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Karen Dell

Senior Editor • Backyard Cat Enclosures

09 August 2017

We love our social fur-mily of cute cat lovers Australia wide and have literally spent hours cruising for precious puddas on the internet. A totally normal and important pastime, if you ask us ;) Let's celebrate the cuteness of Australian cats with the top 10 #aussiecats of Instagram, guaranteed to make you squee!

10. Sunny The Kitty Cat

This ginger tabby cutie is a fun loving pudda cat from Brisbane, Australia. We love seeing him play in the sunshine!

9. Pippa The British Shorthair

OH MY CAT! This amber eyed beauty is a cuddly and cute cat from Sydney, Australia! We love seeing her get a good scratch from her hooman.

8. Jasper The White Cat

Snow baby! This marshmallow pudda cat from Australia makes us squee with delight! Just look at those mesmerising emerald eyes.

A post shared by Jasper (@jasper_the_white_cat) on

7. Chubbi and Grumpy

These two lovely tabby cats are are expert meow-dals, purrfectly posing for their hooman's many pudda portraits.

A post shared by Grumpy & Chubbi (@nessieii) on

6. Aria Kitten Meow

Aria is a cuddly and cute tabby cat who likes catnip, toys and 2am PAWTY TIME runs through the house.

5. Watson and Lucky

These adorable adopted cats are adventurous tabby puddas that enjoy the great outdoors and investigating their pupper dog brother.

4. Kelvin and Grover

Kelvin and Grover are super cute ginger moggy cats who like to play and pounce. Look at that marmalade fluff!

3. Charlie

Pretty boy! Charlie is a stunning Russian Blue breed pudda with sparkling champagne eyes and a beautiful coat from Sydney, Australia.

A post shared by Diana Torbin (@charlie_n_me) on

2. Panda

Panda the tuxedo cat is a stylish and super cute lady from Melbourne, Australia. She likes to nibble on her toe beans and show off her extra fluffy tummy.

A post shared by Panda (@theycallme_panda_) on

1. Pumpkin Pie

SQUEE ALERT! Pumpkin pie was adopted from the RSPCA by her loving hooman and since them has happily lounged about looking ridiculously adorable. We love seeing her red ribbon posts.

Want even more cute in your life? Of course you do, hooman! Follow our furry friends above and join us on our Instagram!


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