The Boop Report – Cat News – 04/08/17

Photo of Karen Dell

Karen Dell

Senior Editor • Backyard Cat Enclosures

04 August 2017

Winnie Whiskers Hello. I'm Winnie Whiskers.

Tom Tiddles And I'm your big boy Tommy.

Winnie Whiskers Welcome to The Boop Report. This is what's happening in cat news this week.

Tom Tiddles CAT NEWS!

Winnie Whiskers We'll be celebrating the cutest cats Australia has to offer right here on The Boop Report every week. Our #aussiecat of the week is Jasper the White Cat!

Busted in the Vegemite jar 😹 #cats_of_instagram #funnycats #catsofinstagram #whitecat

A post shared by Jasper (@jasper_the_white_cat) on

Winnie Whiskers Have you ever seen such a pretty cat, Tom?

Tom Tiddles How they stay so clean?

Winnie Whiskers Perhaps they don’t lay in the litter box like someone I know.

Tom Tiddles Humph.

Winnie Whiskers Now, a word from our sponsor, Backyard Cat Enclosures and their marvellous moggy meowdals Yoshi an Loki.


Winnie Whiskers Thanks, Tom. Our team at the Backyard Cat Enclosures Facebook page loves interacting with cat loving hoomans every day. Their most popular post this week was about the struggles of “Monday”.

Tom Tiddles I’m not sure what “Monday” is but hoomans DO NOT like it. Maybe it is hairball?

Winnie Whiskers We may never know, Tom.

Winnie Whiskers Finally tonight, our hooman repawter at Backyard Cat Enclosures has listed 20 furbulous facts about us. Please read it and make them feel special.

Tom Tiddles Was #10 about how much I love tuna?

Winnie Whiskers No, Tom. From all of us here at The Boop Report. I'm Winnie Whiskers.

Tom Tiddles I eat an entire case of tuna once.

Winnie Whiskers Have a furbulous evening, kittens.


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