The Boop Report – Cat News – 05/07/17

Photo of Karen Dell

Karen Dell

Senior Editor • Backyard Cat Enclosures

05 July 2017

Winnie Whiskers Good evening. I'm Winnie Whiskers.

Tom Tiddles And me Tubby Tom.

Winnie Whiskers Welcome to The Boop Report. This is what's happening in cat news this week.

Winnie Whiskers A young man has declared his love for cat-kind by having professional engagement photos taken of himself and his cat Willow.

Tom Tiddles Is he cute like me?

Winnie Whiskers No, Tom. Of course not. Let’s take a look here.

Winnie Whiskers We wish them 9 lives of happiness.

Tom Tiddles I hope he brings her catnip bouquets everyday.

Winnie Whiskers Now, a word from our sponsor, Backyard Cat Enclosures.

Winnie Whiskers There's no better way to keep yourself safe outside, furbies. Check out their range of enclosures and accessories here.


Winnie Whiskers Thanks, Tom. Finally tonight, our hooman repawter at Backyard Cat Enclosures takes an in-depth look at the ways your cat shows love. So if you are unsure whether your cat loves you or if they want to suffocate you with fluff in the middle of the night, please visit it here and make our needy hoomans feel special.

Winnie Whiskers From all of us here at The Boop Report. I'm Winnie Whiskers.

Tom Tiddles Me like the tuna fish.

Winnie Whiskers Have a furbulous evening, kittens.


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