The Boop Report - Cat News - 16/06/17

Photo of Karen Dell

Karen Dell

Senior Editor • Backyard Cat Enclosures

08 June 2017

Winnie Whiskers: Good evening. I'm Winnie Whiskers.

Tom Tiddles: And me Tom Tiddles.

Winnie Whiskers: Welcome to The Boop Report. This is what's happening in cat news this week.

Winnie Whiskers: A lucky cat has been found wondering in the bush 100km from his Allandy Station home! The cat -

Tom Tiddles: His name Bobby

Winnie Whiskers: - was picked up by workmen in the remote location and returned to his home safely.

Tom Tiddles: He ate BACON in the back of a ute!

Winnie Whiskers: In other cat news, a lovely lady named Jennifer is helping a colony of cats be rescued and treated - Tom Tiddles: She give treats?

Winnie Whiskers: - Yes, Tom. She gives them treats. She has raised some money to purchase a Paws Playhouse cat enclosure and hopes to get it soon. You can view her Go Fund Me campaign after the break. We will be following this story up in the coming weeks so please stay tuned.

Tom Tiddles: NOW SPORTS!

Winnie Whiskers: Thanks, Tom. Finally tonight, catnip. Is it a gateway to harder stuff? Let's watch this chilling exposé.

Winnie Whiskers: From all of us here at The Boop Report. I'm Winnie Whiskers.

Tom Tiddles: Me Tom.

Winnie Whiskers: Have a furbulous evening, kittens.

Please visit Jennifer's cat enclosure Go Fund Me campaign here.


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