How To Choose a Unique Cat Name

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19 May 2019

Choosing a unique name for your new kitten or rescue cat is a lot easier when you keep the following in mind:

  • Whether you want a male, female, or unisex name. Many times choosing a unique unisex name is easier!
  • Whether you want the name to mean something specific
  • Whether you want to name your cat after a favourite character in a book, film or TV series.

How To Choose a Unique Cat Name

If you decide that you want the name to mean something specific, you can start looking around at name generators like this one or baby name sites. They will often give you the meaning of the name and not just the name itself. You can also look at words for, for instance black, in other languages to find a name for your black cat.
Then, if you decide to rather name your cat after a character in a favourite book or series, it’s usually better to choose one of the secondary characters instead of the main characters.
Below are some of our favourite unique cat names along with their meanings!

  • Callyr — Meaning “lark” in English but also standing for the daybreak, it’s one of those words that are just to beautiful to pass up on. Perfect for a brown tabby cat.
  • Airlea — Meaning “ethereal” in Greek, this name is perfect for a light-on-their-feet feline.
  • Morvran — “Morvran” or “Morfran” is a Welsh name of one of Arthur’s knights. Perfect for a dark grey or black cat.
  • Marbles — Playing on the look of marble stone, this is a cute and unusual name for a tabby.
  • Siavash — From Persian mythology meaning “possessing black stallions”. It is also the name of a prince in an 11th century Persian epic. Regal indeed!
  • Saffron — Saffron is an expensive spice used in Middle Eastern cooking and sometimes in dyeing. It gives off a rich yellow-orange colour.
  • Orchid — In much the same way as lily, the name Orchid evokes the beauty of your cat, while being a not-so-obvious name choice.
  • Mercutio — Friend to Romeo in Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare, it’s a perfect name for a Shakespeare-lover who doesn’t want to use one of the more popular names.
  • Vin — One of the “Mistborn” and a main character in the Mistborn books by Brandon Sanderson. A roundabout way of calling your grey or white cat “Mist”.
  • Ashur — A name meaning “warlike”, it’s definitely a great name for a tom cat!

For even more ideas for names for your cat, click here for male cat names and here for female cat names. Here is also some tips on choosing the perfect cat name for your new cat. And don’t forget to check out our Cat Name Generator!


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