How To Choose the Perfect Cat Names

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Karen Dell

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05 May 2019

Getting a new pet is a very exciting experience, and giving them their name can sometimes mean staring at your new kitten for quite some time wondering what on earth to choose. Here are some pointers you can use to choose the perfect name:
Something you can pronounce
There’s no real use in giving your new kitten or cat a name that you can’t pronounce. Thanks to cat name generators like ours and baby name sites knowing how to pronounce tricky names has never been simpler! Of course, if their name turns out to be long, you can always shorten it and use this nickname sometimes.

Adult cat and kitten chosing its name using cat name generator
Look at their personality
You also don’t have to give your cat a name immediately. Take some time and have a look at their personality before giving them a name that will suit it. It’s no wonder that some people decide to call their cat Sassy, for instance!
Something (else) that you love
Why not name your cat after a character or celebrity that you like? Think about your favourite books and movies as well as your favourite characters. Would one of their names suit your cat?
You can even give your cat the name of a famous feline from popular culture. Just think about Tigger, Garfield, and even Greebo.
Go the popular route
If you prefer going with some of the popular names in your country or area, you can head on over to this article to find the top 10 cat names in Australia. Usually these names cover a variety of traditional cat names as well as newer ones based on pop culture and the like. This might just give you the inspiration you need!
Make it unique or funny
Of course, you can also make sure that no one else’s cat shares a name with yours by coming up with a completely unique name. Play around with some puns, family in-jokes, etc. and make a list from that. Think Edward Scissorclaws, Shredder, and more!
What do their appearance conjure up?
Whether your new cat is a Sphynx, a Japanese Bobtail, a Persian, or simply a rescue cat, there may just be something about their appearance that conjure up the perfect name the first time you see them.
For the Sphynx, why not choose an Egyptian name, or a Japanese one for your Japanese Bobtail? A cat with a black-and-white face that is of a nondescript breed could easily be called Yin Yang, and a ginger cat named anything from simply Ginger to Goose (or Flerken!) if you’re a Marvel fan.
What do they respond to?
Often you’ll find that your cat responds to certain sounds better or more than others. So, while you may have wanted to give your cat a very Roman-sounding name, they may simply respond to “Tuna” and nothing else. Well then. Tuna it is — everyone knows when a cat makes up their made it’s made up!

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