What Are Popular Cat Names?

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05 May 2019

Now that you’ve chosen your perfect kitten or rescue cat for adoption, you just need a name to give to them once you bring them home. You’ve come to the right place to choose the perfect name! Use our lists or Cat Name Generator to find the perfect cat name.

Popular names for cats
To see the top 10 Australian cat names, click here.
Here is a list of some of Australia’s most popular cat names.

  • Sam — (Male/Female) Either short for “Samuel” (”God has heard”) or “Samantha” (the feminine of “Samuel”), the name is used a lot in pop culture; from The Lord of the Rings to Game of Thrones, Downton Abbey, Poldark, Supernatural, and Stranger Things.
  • Tiger — (Male/Female) Much like naming your cat “lion” (”Leo”, “Simba”), “Tiger” is also a favourite when it comes to naming strong, independent cats.
  • Sooty — (Male) The name of a small puppet of a yellow bear with black ears in pop culture, “Sooty” has become a firm favourite for black or dark grey cats, with the implication that they have been “covered in soot”.
  • Smokey — (Male/Female) Much like “Sooty”, “Smokey” has become a favourite name for black and grey colour point cats or black cats.
  • Lucky — (Male/Female) A favourite name for rescue cats of all breeds, “Lucky” often refers to a close brush with death or the cat’s “luck to be alive”.
  • Casper — (Male) A perfect name for a white cat; “Casper” is the name of a friendly ghost is a series of comics by the same names.
  • Thomas — (Male) The name “Thomas” means “twin”, making it a good choice if you chose two kittens from the same litter or rescue shelter. The name is well-known both in the Bible and popular culture.
  • Toby — (Male) A version of the name “Tobias”, it can also be used as the name’s shortened version. It is the name of a character in the popular Divergent series, which could be one of the reasons for its popularity.
  • Misty — (Female) Much like “Sooty” and “Smokey”, “Misty” is a descriptive name for a grey or white cat.
  • Coco — (Female) A name made famous by Coco Chanel, your stately feline with this name could also be brown, making the name “Cocoa” an option as well.
  • Missy — (Female) Another cute name for a small breed of cat of any colour or description. It’s the diminutive of “Miss.”.
  • Ginger — (Male/Female) This is an obvious name to give to your ginger or orange cat!
  • Daisy — (Female) As beautiful as the flower it is named after, it is a good name for a cat as white as the petals of a daisy flower.
  • Muffin —(Female) The only food name that made it onto this list is “muffin”. It’s a very cute name for a medium to long-haired cat kitten that likes to sit in boxes too small for them (and end up looking like a muffin).
  • Jessie — (Female) Usually the shortened form of “Jessica”, “Jessie” is also a name that features in pop culture, for instance The Merchant of Venice and the song “Jessie”.
  • Harry — (Male) Shooting into popularity thanks to Harry from the band One Direction and Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex that married Meghan Markle in 2018.
  • Felix — (Male) A black-and-white cartoon cat of the silent film era, Felix may just be the perfect name for your black-and-white feline.

For even more ideas for names for your cat, click here for male cat names and here for female cat names. Here is also some tips on choosing the perfect cat name for your new cat.

And don’t forget to check out our Cat Name Generator!

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