What Are Good Unisex Cat Names?

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13 May 2019

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Instead of choosing a specific boy or girl cat name for your new kitten, you can always look at unisex cat names. These are especially handy if you have a very young rescue kitten or want to decide on a name before you decide whether you are going to adopt (or buy) a male or female cat.
10 favourite unisex cat names are:
Allegro — Meaning “brisk speed” or “performed at brisk speed”; “Allegro” is a wonderful name for your Classical music-loving cat or that feline that is always ready to strike at your ankles!
Bubbles — “Bubbles” is a lovable character from the Disney film Finding Nemo that definitely made this name a lot more popular than it once was. A bright yellow tang fish; it’s the perfect name for your bright ginger or orange kitty.
Cappuccino — Not just a yummy way of getting your morning caffeine, “Cappuccino” is the perfect name for a coffee-lover’s cat!
Cheetah — We know every house cat is a big cat by heart, and what better way to show their wild side than with a name like Cheetah (or Leo/Lion)
Cider — If your cat has golden eyes — just like this this drink — Cider might just be the unisex name you’ve been looking for.
Ginger — An evergreen favourite, “Ginger” is probably the first name which comes to mind when you get a ginger-coloured kitten!
Flame — More mysterious than “Ginger”; “Flame” evokes the mystery of felines. Perfect for a dark ginger or very feisty cat.
Mist/Misty — “Misty” evokes quite the opposite of “Flame” and is perfect for white or light grey cats.
Puddles — A cute name for a tortoiseshell or calico cat who literally look as if they’ve been playing in some puddles after the rain!
Snowflake — Another name for a white cat; “Snowflake” and “Snowy” are popular for obvious reasons as they evoke the bright white of virgin snow.
10 more unique unisex cat names are:
Aqua — As “Aqua” means “water”, it is the perfect name for a cat with blue eyes. (Just remember that all kittens are born with blue eyes and they only change after a few weeks!)
Cinder — Also perfect for a grey or even a black cat, “Cinder” can also be used as a shortened version of “Cinderella”.
Eden — Recalling the Garden of Eden, a paradise, Eden has become a beautiful name that can be used as a unisex cat name as well. And, let’s face it, cat’s are so beautiful they do look as if they escaped paradise!
Gemini — “Gemini” means “twins” and is also the name of one of the constellations and star signs of the zodiac.
Phantom — Perfect for a white or light grey cat; “Phantom” can recall a thin mist or even the enigmatic Phantom of the Opera.
Speckle — Another great name for a tortoiseshell or calico cat!
Terabyte — Feeling like letting your inner geek out? Then Terabyte may just be the cat name to choose. If you have a pair of cats, you can always opt for “Terabyte” and “Gigabyte”.
Vanilla — The classic flavour for ice cream and steamed milk; “Vanilla” is a cute name for your sweet, new kitty cat!
Whisper — A great name for a furry-footed feline that doesn’t make a noise as they hunt their catnip toys.
YinYang — A good choice for a black and white cat, the YinYang is a concept from Chinese philosophy.

For even more ideas for names for your cat, click here for male cat names and here for female cat names. Here is also some tips on choosing the perfect cat name for your new cat. And don’t forget to check out our Cat Name Generator! 


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