What Are Cute Cat Names For Your Cat?

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05 May 2019

Cute cat in loveYou’ve just brought home your little fluffball of a kitten and now need to think of a name — but what? Why not choose a cute cat name to go with that cute face? Here are some of our favourite cute cat names along with their meanings to help you choose the purrfect name.
Cute unisex cat names

  • Bonbon — A word formed by repeating “bon” (”good” in French), it is the name of a type of sweet and possibly of your sweet new kitten as well.
  • Bubbles — “Bubbles” is a lovable character from the Disney film Finding Nemo that definitely made this name a lot more popular than it once was. A bright yellow tang fish; it’s the perfect name for your bright ginger or orange kitty.
  • Muppet — Originally meaning an “incompetent or foolish person”, the name shot onto the main stage thanks to Jim Henson’s Muppets. Since then it’s become more of a term of endearment and a description for something lovable.
  • Poppet — A term of affection for children, “Poppet” refers to a sweet or pretty child. And what kitten isn’t sweet and pretty?
  • Pickles — A food name that lends itself to being a term of endearment as well, most probably because the sound alone conjures up something small and cute.
  • Peanut — Another food name that seems to just lend itself to being a cat name. Especially a good name for a brown tabby or one from a small breed.
  • Schmoopy — A term of endearment used on Seinfeld to great amusement, “Schmoopy” has now entered the English language to become its own fully fledged word.
  • Chickadee — A chickadee is a type of small American songbird. If your cat loves talking to you, this could be the perfect, cute name to give to them — especially if they have a particularly sweet voice.
  • Sunspot — A sunspot is a phenomena that appears on the surface of the sun at times. It’s also a cute name for a cat who loves lounging in a spot of sunlight.
  • Boots — If your cat has darker feet or legs than the rest of their body, “Boots” can be a perfect name.
  • Fluffles — This name speaks for itself. Great for medium or long-haired cats that really are just balls of fluff.

Cute male cat names

  • Purrcasso — A play on the name of the artist Picasso.
  • Mr. Whiskers — This one speaks for itself. Whiskers is already a cute name, but Mr. Whiskers just ups the ante!
  • Mr. Meowgi — A play on Mr. Miyagi of The Karate Kid’s name.  
  • Sushi — Named after the Japanese dish that often contains seafood.
  • Seuss — Named after “Dr. Seuss”, author of classics like The Cat in the Hat.
  • Meowton — A play on the surname Newton. The perfect cute name for a nerdy cat owner!
  • Mr. Mistoffelees — One of the characters from the Andrew Lloyd-Weber musical Cats. The perfect name for you new tuxedo cat!
  • Pouncival — A play on the name “Parsival” so well known from Arthurian literature, “Pouncival” is a character in the Andrew Lloyd-Weber musical Cats.

Cute female cat names

  • Clawdia — A play on the name “Claudia”.
  • Catnip/Katnip — Named after cats’ favourite plant.
  • KitKat — Named after the chocolate of the same name because of its play on “kitty cat”.
  • Angelicat — A play on the name “Angelica”.
  • Purrtunia — A play on the flower “petunia”.
  • Trixie — “Trixie” is the diminutive of “Beatrix” — meaning traveller — and is a cute name for a small breed of cat.
  • Tink — Short for “Tinkerbell”, the fairy from Peter Pan. Perfect for a lean, light-on-their-tiny-feet Siamese.
  • Petal — If “Purrtunia” is a bit too punny, but you love flower names, why not “Petal” as a name? Especially if your cat is white, grey or any other light colour.

For even more ideas for names for your cat, click here for male cat names and here for female cat names. Here is also some tips on choosing the perfect cat name for your new cat.

And don’t forget to check out our Cat Name Generator!

Photo by Cong H from Pexels


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