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29 May 2019

Cats of different nationsOne way to give you cat a name that is in a foreign language, is to look simply at what “cat” or “kitten” are in different languages and to see whether you prefer one of these words. Here are the two words in some different languages to give you some ideas:
Albanian — Kotele (kitten)
Amharic — Dimeti (cat) and Giligeli (kitten)
Bulgarian — Kotka (cat)
Esperanto — Katido (kitten), also the female name Katida
Finnish — Kissa (cat)
Hausa — Kitta (kitten)
Hawaiian — Anu (cat) and Kāpena (kitten)
Icelandic — Kettlingur (kitten)
Japanese — Neko (cat) and Koneko (kitten)
Malagasy — Saka (cat)
Maori — Ngeru (cat) and Putea (kitten)
Mongolian — Zulzaga (cat)
Mosi — a Navajo name, meaning “cat”
Serbian — Mayka (cat)
Swahili — Paka (cat)
Zulu — Ikati (cat)

Often, if you want to give your cat a name in a language other than English, it’s because you heard a name in that language that really sounded beautiful (or you just like the sound of the language as a whole). Here are some ideas from Spanish, French, Italian, and Japanese.
Spanish cat names:
Alvaro (male)
Angelica (female)
Ariadna (female)
Blanca (female) / Blanco (male) — purrfect for that white Persian beauty!
Carlito (male)
Carmen (female) — also “Karmen”
Cheche (female)
Chiquita (female)
Corazon (female)
Efren (male)
Emelio (male)
Estela (female)
Fabio (male)
Gaspar (male)
Gissele (female)
Hector (male)
Hugo (male)
Issa (female)
Katia (female)
Lulu (female)
Luna (female)
Malena (female)
Mateo (male)
Maximino (male)
Mija (female)
Pepita (female)
Reyna (female)
Rosario (female)
Rufu (male)
Santino (male)
Ysabel (female)

French cat names:
Abélard (male)
Amèlie (female)
Anne-Marie (female)
Aurore (female)
Blanche (female)
Chanel (female)
Chloé (female)
Claire (female)
Cyprien (male)
Cyrille (male)
Désirée (female)
Eleanor (female)
Emma (female)
Évrard (male)
Fleur (female)
Felicien (male)
Gaëtan (male)
Guinevere (female)
Heloise (female)
Ilbert (male)
Lourdes (female)
Marguerite (female)
Médard (male)
Ninon (female)
Noël (male)
Pacha (male)
Velérie (female)
Yves (male)

Italian cat names:
Achille (male)
Adelasia (female)
Adelmo (male)
Alba (female)
Aldo (male)
Arabella (female)
Bianca (female)
Bibiana (female)
Bruno (male)
Callie (female)
Caterina (female)
Clemente (male)
Cleo (female)
Cosimo (male)
Dante (male)
Donatella (female)
Eliana (female)
Ernesto (male)
Eulalia (female)
Fiorella (female)
Francesca (female)
Gemma (female)
Gian (male)
Ilaria (female) / Ilario (male)
Isabella (female)
Italo (male)
Katie (female)
Lilla (female)
Mafalda (female)
Mauro (male)
Mirella (female)
Mirko (male)
Nunzia (female)
Paolino (male)
Pippa (female)
Sadie (female)
Stella (female)
Trista (female)
Umberto (male)
Valerio (male)
Zaira (female)
Zucca (female)

Japanese cat names:
Amaya (female)
Asami (female)
Ayame (male)
Bento (male)
Chika (female)
Dai (male)
Doraemon (male)
Eiko (female)
Emi (female)
Hana (female)
Haruko (female)
Hiroki (male)
Juro (male)
Kimi (female)
Kioshi (male)
Kohana (female)
Kei (female)
Kyoko (female)
Midori (female)
Natsu (female)
Noriko (female)
Ryoko (female)
Saki (female)
Sakura (female) — one of the most popular Japanese cat names
Samurai (male)
Sora (female)
Taiki (male)
Tamika (female)
Yoshie (female)
Yuki (female)

For even more ideas for names for your cat, click here for male cat names and here for female cat names. Here is also some tips on choosing the perfect cat name for your new cat. And don’t forget to check out our Cat Name Generator!


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