The Top 10 TV Series Cat Names

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29 May 2019

Names of TV catsBagpuss (Bagpuss) — probably one of the best-known felines ever to appear on TV is the stuffed cat belonging to Emily in the show.  
Lucky (ALF) — The Tanner’s pet cat, and the cat that Alf really wants to turn into dinner!
Lord Tubbington (Glee) — Only one of the pet cats on the show, but definitely with one of the best names!
Miss Kitty Fantastico (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) — Another great (and long) name for a furry feline was given to this black and white beauty.
Salem (Sabrina the Teenage Witch) —  A black cat, as befits a witch, Salem is a talking and very sarcastic cat and definitely steals the show!
Spot (Star Trek: The Next Generation) — Data’s beloved cat (a ginger tabby) couldn’t ask for a cuter name.
Schrödinger (Stargate SG-1) — One of the base’s cats, Schrödinger makes an appearance in one of the episodes.
Isis (Star Trek: The Original Series) — Another black cat — but this one able to turn into a black-haired woman.
Toonces (Saturday Night Live) — Star of the recurring sketch “Toonces: the Cat Who COuld Drive a Car”.
Angie and Fiddle (The Friendly Giant) — Although they were puppets, these cats have adorable names, fit for any feline!

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