How To Choose Names Based On Your Cat’s Breed

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13 May 2019

Persian and Norwegian Forest cats

Norwegian Forest or Maine Coon cat names
These gentle giants are some of the biggest domestic cat breeds. With their medium to long coats, giant paws, and tufted ears, you need a name that will suit them and their personality! Here are some of our favourite names; some “human names” and some taken from mythology.

  • Female cat names: Idun, Freya, Eline, Aina, Sigrun, Verdandi, Brynhild
  • Male cat names: Thor, Odin, Loki, Mirk, Balder, Gandalf, Orvar

Persian cat names
The Persian cat breed is one of the most easily identifiable breeds and also one of the most lovable. Unlike the Siamese cats who have loud voices, though, these gentle felines only speak in soft tones. Perfect names for Persian cats take into account their beauty and regal (if not sometimes haughty!) appearance. Here are some of our favourite Persian cat names:

  • Female cat names: Aime, Astral, Cleo(patra), Sheba, Indigo, Azul
  • Male cat names: Amir, Bijan, Titan, Xerxes, Luxor, Leo, Hamid

Japanese Bobtail cat names
As the name would suggest, the Japanese Bobtail cat breed is native to Japan and Southeast Asia. What better name, then, to give your little Bobtail than a beautiful Japanese name? These are just some of our favourite Japanese names that can be used as cat names: Daiki, Eiji, Ayumu, Ren, Ryo, Satoshi, Tadashi, Yoshio, Masaaki, Arata, Masashi, Takumi, Mitsuru, Naoki.
Siamese and Himalayan cat names
Siamese cats, with their sleek looks and beautiful eyes are chatty as can be and needs names to suit them. As they are often adopted or bought in pairs, you can also have a lot of fun with these names. Here is some help if you’re looking for unique names for pairs of cats.
Why not use some Thai names for your Siamese cats, though? Here are some ideas for male and female cat names:

  • Female cat names: Nam, Sudarat, Noon, Kanokwan, Beam, Jane, Fah
  • Male cat names: Sarawut, Tanawat, Benz, Nattapong, New, Gan, Nut

Himalayan cats have longer coats than the Siamese breed, although they still have the colour points that the Siamese cats have. You can also play around with cat names for your Himalayan cat(s), choosing names from different language or names that refer to the Himalayan mountains.

  • Female names: Dhaulagiri, Amrita, Bhasundara, Layla, Alleffra, Cammi, Risa
  • Male names: Khan, Syd, Evin, Haig, Janka, Felan, Merrick,

Sphynx cat names
Besides actually calling your cat Sphinx, there are some cool names from the Egyptian mythology that you can choose from, like Ra and Isis. But why not keep with the Egyptian theme and perhaps choose Pharaoh, Cleopatra (or just Cleo), Nefertiti, Tutankhamen (or just Amun). Other Ancient Egyptian names include Khay, Takhat, and Sasobek. You’ll definitely have a cat with a unique name if you choose one of these!

For even more ideas for names for your cat, click here for male cat names and here for female cat names. Here is also some tips on choosing the perfect cat name for your new cat. And don’t forget to check out our Cat Name Generator! 


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