5 Reasons to Love Cornish Rex Cats

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Karen Dell

Senior Editor • Backyard Cat Enclosures

20 September 2016

We love the Cornish Rex cat, but the more we fawn over this adorable feline, the more we’re convinced that they’re alien visitors from another planet. Don’t believe in the cat-spiracy? Let us convince you, the truth is out there.

Their mysterious origins

According to the official story, the Cornish Rex cat came about “by accident” when one of a litter of kittens developed the breed’s signature curly coat. The town of its origin: Cornwall. If that sounds familiar that’s because it’s almost a perfect anagram of Roswell, the infamous site of alien activity. Well, well, are we supposed to believe that this is a coincidence? What isn’t the Meowluminati telling us?

Their extraterrestrial appearance

One look at the Cornish Rex confirms any suspicions - this is a cat breed developed in the low gravity conditions of an alien spacecraft. Their long limbs are perfect for navigating the hallways of a typical UFO (or so we presume), while their egg-shaped head is a perfect vessel for storing cuteness protocols.

Their cosmic energy

The Cornish Rex cat loves to test the limits of the earth’s gravity through climbing and play. They are particularly enthralled by their human servants, and by the wonderful, colorful toys that these servants provide. We imagine that the earth is quite a pleasant change from the sterile environment of intergalactic travel, and the Cornish Rex definitely agrees.

Their fear of the void

This cat breed knows the cold depths of space, and so it is no surprise that they take every possible chance to enjoy the warmth of their new home. They love to cuddle with their humans, enjoying both their body heat and their undivided attention. And they will get it: hundreds of years of patient study has made them an expert in human psychology, leaving you utterly helpless before their demands for pats and treats.

Their perfect engineering

Fortunately, the Cornish Rex makes servitude a quite pleasant thing. Their curly coat is easy to maintain, lovely to the touch, and just as lovely on the nostrils. No sneezing for you, our benevolent alien friends have made sure of it.

Now that you are in love with (or maybe just in awe of) the Cornish Rex, read up on its breed profile. Or, maybe you want to give your cat toys and treats that are out of this world. Live long and prosper, human.


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