Keep Your Maine Coon Cat Safe and Happy Outdoors!

maine coon cat breed

Your Maine Coon cat was born to be wild. Did you know you can indulge their adventurous streak but keep them safe, happy and healthy with an outdoor cat enclosure?

Maine Coon cats are playful and relaxed with inquisitive and curious minds. Their majestic fluffy coat is catching a refreshing breeze as they survey their outdoor kingdom from a sunny perch. Your wild fur baby’s chilled out attitude and penchant for play makes an outdoor cat enclosure or cat run the purr-fect match for your Maine Coon cat. These gentle giant balls of floof would benefit from the size and grandeur of the Paws and Claws Cabin cat enclosure combo for all day stays or a quick romp and rest in the Paws Playhouse cat run for busy Maine Coon kitties.

Add in some fur-bulous lounging shelves, cat hammocks, cat trees and some challenging and durable cat toys and your Maine Coon cat will be energetically entertained for hours.

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