Cat Enclosures Melbourne

cat enclosures melbourne

Cat Enclosures Melbourne

We deliver the best Backyard Cat Enclosures Melbourne has to offer, right to your door. If you are looking for a pawesome solution to keep your cat safe and happy in an outdoor cat enclosure or cat run then read on, kittens!

Owning a cat in Melbourne and surrounding areas

Local councils in Melbourne have differing rules and restrictions governing cat ownership. Under City of Melbourne council rules your cat can be collected by Animal Management Officers if a neighbour complains about your fur baby roaming the local area. Most local councils require that you register your cat. Councils will outline guidelines for responsible ownership, including containment. It's important to check with your local governing body.

Micro-chipping and de-sexing is essential for responsible cat ownership and goes hand in hand with keeping your cat safe and happy while outside the home with a secure and fun outdoor cat enclosure or cat run. A cat enclosure gives your fur baby the freedom and fresh air they desire, while keeping local wildlife safe from your cat's curious claws.

Have a look at these Melbourne and surrounding areas' governing bodies or contact your local council to stay informed about your pet cat ownership obligations:

City of Melbourne

City of Port Phillip

City of Stonnigton

City of Yarra

City of Casey

City of Wyndham

Our Cat Enclosure Range

You and your cat can relax and play within a beautiful Backyard Cat Enclosure! All of our stylish cat enclosures and runs come flat-packed and ready to easily assemble, which means no expensive labour costs or permanent structure changes to your home. We design our cat enclosures and runs to withstand the Australian elements and provide a fun and secure feline playground that your cats will enjoy for years to come.