Keep Your Bengal Cat Safe and Happy Outdoors!

We know you love your Bengal cat, but did you know you can increase their happiness, health and safety by giving them some play time in a a safe and luxurious outdoor cat enclosure?

Bengal cats are adventurous, active, full of personality and curious beyond measure. Their inquisitive minds and playful nature are the purr-fect match for the freedom and fun that an outdoor cat enclosure can provide. Just like their wild ancestors, the Bengal cat loves to climb and perch, watching their urban jungle kingdom from on high. The Meow Manor and Kitty Kondo outdoor cat enclosures provide oodles of vertical space for your rosette coated fur baby to rule from.

Add in some fur-bulous lounging shelves, cat hammocks, cat trees and some challenging and durable cat toys and your Bengal cat will be energetically entertained for hours.

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