A Guide to Cat Litter Types

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Karen Dell

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24 May 2017

Your cat is the best judge of what works when it comes to cat litter types. Every cat is an individual and every cat lover is simply a slave to their whims and wants. When you are deciding what kitty litter to use in your cat litter box it is a good idea to try a few different litters to figure out your moggy master or mistress’s Poop Preference.

Here are the most popular types of kitty litter to try and our pick of the bunch!

Clay cat litter

Clay cat litter is an affordable option for your kitty litter. Non-clumping clay litter is cheaper than clumping and is often the one that is sold as generic and store brands. It is harder to scoop than the clumping kind and has to be changed often to avoid odours as urine can pool in the base of the litter tray.

Clumping cat litter

Clumping litter is also made of clay, but clumps when it gets wet making it easier to scoop any messes right out. It is best for adult cats as it can clump if ingested by curious kittens and cause harm to their digestive tract.

Recycled paper pellet cat litter

Recycled paper pellet litter controls odour, is absorbent and is not harmful to kittens if ingested. It is also more environmentally friendly than clay or crystals as it doesn’t require mining to source.

Silicone crystal cat litter

Silicone crystal pellet litter is the best for absorbing cat urine odours. It is the highest price kitty litter choice but can last longer than clumping clay as only solids need to be scooped out. This litter comes in scented and unscented varieties but your cat may be deterred by scented litter so be wary.

Hemp pellet cat litter - Our Poop Preference

Hemp pellet litter is an affordable and absorbent option for your kitty litter box. It is dust, pesticide and insecticide free, 100% renewable and flushable. It can be incorporated into your compost or garden beds after use so it’s a good choice for keen gardeners and sustainability conscious cat lovers.

Your cat will let you know that your choice of litter is unacceptable by doing their booty business on the hall rug, so your decision will ultimately be dictated by your cat’s lifestyle and preferences. Once you have a cat litter choice in mind it’s time to learn the ways of the litter box! Check out our guide to the Palace of Poop here.


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