5 Reasons to Love the Munchkin Cat Breed

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Karen Dell

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19 January 2018

The miniscule, cherubic and complex Munchkin cat breed is irresistible to cat loving hoomans. This adorable and controversial kitty will have you awwwwing and amazed with their diminutive stature, wide range of coat colours and playful disposition. Have a peek at just 5 reasons to love the Munchkin cat breed.

Almost too cute?

The little legs of the Munchkin cat breed do something to the hooman brain. For the uninitiated they can seem like a cat lover’s fever dream, but they are very real. A mutated gene that essentially results in dwarfism causes their diminutive size. For this reason they can be controversial, but responsible out-crossing (breeding with standard size cats) is thought to produce healthy and happy Munchkins.

Pocket rockets

Pouncing, playing and perching up on their hind legs like a meerkat is all normal behaviour for a fun loving Munchkin pudda. Munchkins are the perfect fur baby for doting cat lovers and are kittenish well into their adult years. They are confident, cheeky and play nicely with other pets and hooman kids. Keep that playful nature entertained with some intriguing cat toys 

Cutest cat burglar

Munchkin cats have sticky toe beans. These cat burglars will sneakily collect shiny objects and stow them away behind a couch or under a bed. Munchkin cats are notorious treasure hoarders with a penchant for sparkly things, so always check the stash spot for that missing family heirloom before you call the kitty-cops.

Here, there and everywhere

Munchkin cats don’t let their diminutive size hold them back. These wee wonders live to scoot, creating their own style of pudda parkour as they bounce and zip around their house or outdoor cat enclosure.

The all-seeing wide eyes

The Munchkin cat breed is wide-eyed and wily, curious beyond measure and smart as a tack. They love investigating moggy mysteries and making sure they are aware of everything their hooman is doing. When you live with a Munchkin cat you have no secrets, and as a doting fur parent you are happy to have all your dirty laundry inspected by an adorable fur baby, right?

Find out more about the Munchkin cat breed in our guide. Looking to fall in love with another pudda? Have a peek at our ultimate guide to cat breeds here.


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