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3 Key Things to Look for in a Cat Run

With all the options out there, it can be difficult to decide on the right cat run for your darlings. We’ll help you break down the chatter, and look at the features that really matter.

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With all the options out there, it can be difficult to decide on the right cat run for your darlings. We’ll help you break down the chatter, and look at the features that really matter.


Cat Run Space

The amount of space your furry friend needs is dependent on its breed, age and personality. Your couch-potato Persian might be content with a small area to sunbake and lounge, while your jack-in-the-box Burmese might crave a larger, obstacle-course environment to be downright silly in. If you have multiple cats, consider their relationship – will they be happy playing in a medium sized enclosure, or might they want a larger, partitioned space to run away to? But don’t listen to us – you know your pet best, and not all Persians are couch-potatoes!

As a baseline rule, however, we recommend at least 2 square metres of floor space with plenty of vertical space. That height is important, and will make any feline-inhabited space feel larger than it is. Providing lots of hiding spots, toys, and other distractions also helps keep things feeling spacious.

Cat Run Security

A cat run is only a cat run if it has a cat inside it, preferably your cat. Don’t buy a cat run unless you can be sure that it will keep your kitty in and any unwanted guests out. Remember that cats are curious and love a challenge. There shouldn’t be any means for these intelligent little beings to escape, be it through physical or mental gymnastics. Otherwise, your cat could fall prey to any one of the risks that make cat run living so desirable, be it traffic, disease or theft.


Cat Run Functionality

However, security shouldn’t trump everything, otherwise you may as well lock your cat in a safe and forget the combination. A cat run needs to be functional and desirable to your cat. Consider a standalone cat run, instead of an attachment to your house, in order to maximise exposure to sunlight – cats need Vitamin D as much as you or me! A quality stand-alone run has the added benefit of portability, perfect for renters or anyone on the move. A well ventilated space is also essential since cats need fresh air to avoid breathing problems.

Finally, don’t forget that a cat run is a very visible attachment to your home. A well-built standalone run will look as charming as the cat it contains, which is not something we can say for all of the DIY options we’ve seen.

For a great selection of cat runs that tick all the boxes, check out our range. We also have plenty of ideas for toys and activities to stock your run with.

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