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Which Cat Breed is Right for my Personality?

It can be tough choosing the right cat for you. How do you match an unpredictable feline with your own complex personality? Fortunately, our advanced personality analysis software has done the hard work for you. Simply choose from one of the identities below, and read on.

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With so many cat breeds out there, it can be tough choosing the right kitty for you. How do you match an unpredictable feline with your own complex personality? Fortunately, our advanced personality analysis software has done the hard work for you. Simply choose from one of the identities below, and find out which cat breed is right for you.


russian blue cat breed


Luckily for us, you love a good read. You’re not picky – it could be a sensational profile in the New Yorker or a totally pawesome Ultimate Guide to Cat Breeds – but your real passion is between the pages. Your favourite spot is curled up next to the fireplace (or air conditioner, depending on the season) nose-deep in an intricately-woven literary drama. But most of all, most of all, you love those thick, earthy Russian classics, with the spiritual suffering and unpronounceable names.

Well, start pronouncing them! Your new Russian Blue needs a name and you better believe this regal feline isn’t going to settle for ‘Jeff’. This cat breed is happiest perched in your lap, receiving pats from your free hand. And we do mean your lap – the Russian Blue is fiercely loyal to its favourite human, which is obviously you. Just don’t neglect your quality time, or you might find yourself the subject of an angsty novel authored by C.A.Tolstoy.


abyssinian cat breeds


Exercise Fanatic

You ran a marathon in the time it took to write this article, and are now reading it over a protein-filled breakfast made mostly of cottage cheese and exactly one handful of almonds. Or maybe you’re on your last kilometer on the stationary bike – your legs feel like melting candlesticks and you just wish this article would get to the point already. ‘You can do it!’ is what you say to us, through gritted teeth, and we appreciate the encouragement.

What’s missing from this picture? An exercise buddy, obviously! Thankfully, nature has provided the purrfect feline for the job. The Abyssinian is more than a match for your energy, and you best believe that playing with this adorable kitty is going to become an essential part of your daily routine. Don’t forget to make plenty of time for cuddling – we guarantee those endorphins will make it easier to tackle the footpath or the gym.  


persian cat breed



At all times, your life is composed like an exquisite photograph. You’re better at putting together an outfit than most people are at colouring between the lines, and every room of your house is arranged in perfect harmony. People (for example, authors of articles about cat breeds) are pretty envious of your great eye and effortless cool. But the hate brushes you as gently as the beautiful cashmere shirt you spotted from across the room at St Vinnies.

Frankly, you need a kitty that’s on your level. Enter the Persian, gliding down the cat-walk with the grace of, well, a cat. The Persian is without a doubt one of the most stylish cat breeds on this list, with a gorgeous long-haired coat that will leave you breathless, especially if you have allergies. This cat breed is at one with your exceptional decor, and will happily lounge on a matching armchair while you’re out and about, eagerly awaiting its daily brush.


sphynx cat breed


Doting Parent

Your cat is your baby, and there’s quite literally nothing you wouldn’t do in its service. You have an entire closet dedicated to cat toys, treats and outfits, and every item of furniture in your home has been renamed ‘scratching post’. That time a dog broke into your yard you fought it off with nothing but blood-curdling screams and your bare hands (while we admire your bravery, we suggest buying a cat enclosure instead). Afterwards you comforted your poor kitty with the finest of catnip, and soothed your own nerves with a glass of red.

You need a cat that soaks up all the love you have to give. Luckily, the Sphynx is just the ticket. This hairless cat breed is also known as a ‘velcro cat’ for being one of the most affectionate around. It literally needs your cuddles to feel warm and comfortable, although an adorable little sweater will help until you can next offer your body heat. The Sphynx also needs frequent baths, grooming and play to stay happy and healthy. Basically, the more love and attention the better. And aren’t those exactly the words you want to hear?


british shorthair cat breed


Busy Bee

You love your cat, nobody can doubt that. But, you love your cat like you do everything else – on a busy schedule! The fact is, that the half-hour window between yoga and work is plenty of time for play, if you’re organised and efficient – and you are. When you get home, there’s emails to answer before you head out for dinner with some old friends. What do you mean not enough time for kitty? Have you heard of multi-tasking? You only need one hand to type, the other one is free to scratch.

Sadly, not all cats understand that their human servants have lives of their own. Many will make their demands for attention known, whether vocally or through mischievous pranks. Ain’t nobody got time for that! Good news – the British Shorthair isn’t one of those cat breeds. Think of the British Shorthair as a friendly roommate: they love to have a chat, or hang out when you have the time; but if not, hey, they have their own thing going on. Their thing seems to be mostly sleeping and grooming their handsome coat, but who knows what they get up to when you’re not around.


siamese cat breeds



You are the very definition of an open book: everything that happens to you is discussed and dissected by a crack team of experts also known as your friends. Sometimes, you need external consulting, and will turn to the stranger at the bus stop for an objective opinion. The people in your life appreciate your honesty, until you’re honest about their faults or insecurities, at which point they either hate or fear you. You’re not really worried about that though, your friends are always on hand to talk it through.

But you know what your friend group is missing? An outside perspective, a truly unique perspective. Not just another person, just another background, but another species! The Siamese cat loves a good yak almost as much as you do. And this isn’t a one-way street either: they expect an honest answer and you better believe they’ll give you the same.


australian mist cat breeds


Double agent

Just admit it: you’re a dog person. No, there’s no use denying it, we can smell you from a mile away. Firstly, congratulations on recognising that you’ve been wrong all these years – that cats rule and dogs drool. But, honestly, what were you thinking? I mean, don’t get us wrong, we appreciate our stinky, excitable friends, but only as a lovable sidekick to the obviously superior feline.

We know bad habits are hard to break, but fortunately, there’s a com-purr-mise to be found. The Australian Mist is one of several cat breeds that have made it their mission to help you with dog dependency. The Mist is as affectionate as any canine, and is always eager to spend time with its human staff. However, unlike some other cat breeds, this kitty won’t pester you if you’re busy, but will happily sit on or near you until the time is right for cuddles. And of course, there’s the trademark cat cuteness that won you over in the first place. Recovering dog lovers, look no further.


Didn’t find your personality here? Uh oh, looks like our software is malfunctioning. We suggest checking out our 5 Reasons to Love Egyptian Mau Cats to find enlightenment. Or, if you’re ready to adopt a kitten, check out our handy guide.

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