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The top 5 family-friendly felines

There’s only one reliable way to make the transition – and that is getting a cat. But some cats transition better into the intensity of family life than others.

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You can’t spell ‘family’ without ‘fail’, so make your family a fur-mily instead and avoid some serious embarrassment. There’s only one reliable way to make the transition – and that is getting a cat. But some cats transition better into the intensity of family life than others. Here are our top picks:



Dr Harry once said that the best cat for your family is a Burmese, and the second best cat is another Burmese. Frankly, we wouldn’t dream of disagreeing. Burmese cats are said to be the Labradors of the cat world, and much as we cringe at comparing cat with dog, there is some truth to it.  Burmese cats are renowned for being friendly with new faces – an essential skill for family life – but be prepared to find your new Burmese sitting on yours in the early hours of the morning.



If a Burmese isn’t quite your cup of tea then throw in a dash of milky-white Siamese to sweeten the deal. With it, the Siamese brings its famous intelligence and chatty-catty attitude. The Tonkinese will be there to lend an ear when you need to vent about the latest family squabble, and just like the Burmese you can bet on having a reliable cuddle-buddy whenever the mood strikes. Well, not whenever – they are cats after all.



While we don’t approve, we recognise that some families may already own another, non-cat animal. It could be a dog, but maybe you’re the proud owner of a ferret, parrot or rabbit (if you’re not in Queensland that is!). Most cats can be a little intolerant when it comes to sharing your love, but not the gentle Abyssinian. Make sure your family gives it its fair share of the pats, and it will happily get along with the rest of your menagerie.


British Shorthair

This well-mannered cat breed will quickly become the elder statesman of your family. They are gentle, ground-bound cats that don’t particularly mind hanging out in its outdoor enclosure while you rush the kids off to a friend’s birthday party, or spend a relaxing day at the beach without them. This cat breed is purrfect for busy families who will value its independent spirit.


Norwegian Forest

Speaking of independent spirit, you won’t find a more self-sufficient cat than the Norwegian Forest. This cat accompanied Viking expeditions to the New World and beyond, riding the waves and feasting on longship rodents. Compared to raiding coastal villages, your family life really isn’t so crazy after all. This stoic cat breed will take any familial chaos in its stout little stride.


Ready to pick up your new family member? Check out our adoption guide!

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