Keep Your Scottish Fold Cat Safe and Happy Outdoors!

scottish fold cat breed

We know you love your Scottish Fold cat, but did you know you can protect their nine precious pudda lives and keep them safe, happy and healthy with an outdoor cat enclosure?

Scottish Fold cats are cute and cuddly with playful and curious minds. They will delight in playfully pouncing and catnapping in a safe and sunny spot outdoors. Your wee fur baby's snuggly disposition and laid back attitude makes a walk in outdoor cat enclosure or cat run the purr-fect match for your Scottish Fold cat. These hooman best friend kitties will benefit from having you by their side in a spacious Paws Playhouse or whimsically watch the world - and their hooman - go by from a high perch within the Meow Manor cat enclosure.

Add in some pawesome lounging shelves, cat hammocks, cat trees and some challenging and durable cat toys and your Scottish Fold cat will be adorably entertained for hours.   

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