Keep Your Burmese Cat Safe and Happy Outdoors!

burmese cat breed

Your Burmese cat is true Fur Baby Royalty. Did you know you can indulge their every noble whim and keep them safe, happy and healthy with an outdoor cat enclosure?

Burmese cats are smart and active with bold and curious minds. Their silk soft coat sparkles like burnished amber in the afternoon sun as they survey their outdoor kingdom from an outdoor perch or window sill. Your aristocratic pudda cat’s straight to the point attitude and athletic agility makes an outdoor cat enclosure or cat run the purr-fect match for your Burmese cat. These dignified kitties would benefit from the size and grandeur of the Paws and Claws Cabin cat enclosure combo for all day stays or a kip and tumble in the Paws Playhouse cat run for busy Burmese fur babies.

Add in some pawesome lounging shelves, cat hammocks, cat trees and some challenging and durable cat toys and your Burmese cat will be gracefully entertained for hours.    

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