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How to Choose a Cat Enclosure for Your Kitten

Need help choosing an outdoor cat enclosure or cat run for your kitten? We guide you through the decision with tips on enclosure space and security.

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An outdoor cat enclosure lets your cat experience the wonders of fresh air and sunshine without wandering into danger. While we recommend them for felines of all ages, getting your kitten started early is much easier than teaching an old cat new tricks. When buying an outdoor cat enclosure for your fur baby, there are a few things you should look out for.


Choose a secure outdoor kitten enclosure for your kitty

You can’t spell ‘cat enclosure’ without ‘cat’, so make sure your purchase is actually able to contain your cunning kitty. It goes without saying, but kittens are extra adorable, extra energetic, and extra extra small, so they will be able to leak out of a poorly built cat enclosure in ways your human mind can’t even comprehend.

And this is a problem, because there are serious risks to letting any cat roam outside that are even scarier for a kitten:

  • Kittens are at even greater danger from cars than older, experienced cats
  • Kittens’ immune systems are weaker than adult cats and are more sensitive to diseases and parasites
  • Kittens are less able to defend themselves or escape from aggressive dogs or animals
  • Kittens don’t know edible from inedible, and are more likely to eat something they shouldn’t, including toxic plants, fertiliser and pesticides
  • Kittens are just about the cutest thing in the whole world, and are also more trusting than grown cats, making them a tempting target for cat thieves

On the other hand, a secure enclosure will let you breathe easy while you watch your kitten clamber about outside in bliss.



Give your kitten enough space outside to play

Kittens may be tiny, but they pack a lot of energy in that pint-sized cat package. We recommend matching your outdoor enclosure with your cat’s activity, and not just with its size. We recommend an enclosure with at least two square metres of space, and enough height for your kitten to climb.

Don’t stop there though! Kittens aren’t really into maths, or square footage, and they don’t see space the same way we do. Sunshine and good ventilation are essential, but you can make your cat enclosure seem even larger by giving your kitten a scratching post, lots of hiding spots, and plenty of cat toys and activities including climbing equipment. You wouldn’t want to spend too long in an empty room, and neither does your kitten!



Choose an outdoor kitten enclosure that lasts

A cat that is used to braving the dangers of the neighbourhood outside will find it more difficult to transition to a cat enclosure; whereas, introducing your kitten to a cat enclosure early will make it a familiar, inviting place for life. A sunny, airy enclosure will satisfy your kitten’s urge to roam free, and will quickly become its favourite ‘room’ in the house.

As you can tell, your cat loves routine – scheduled pats, scheduled food and scheduled naps – and even a change as subtle as a new enclosure can be stressful for some cats. An enclosure that lasts means a happy, satisfied kitty-cat for many years to come.


If you’re looking for an outdoor cat enclosure that fits the bill, look no further! Our pawesome range is right this way. And if you’re looking for toys to stock your cat run, we’ve got you covered – just follow the link. 

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