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Hairless Cat Breeds – Weird and Wonderful!

Weird or wonderful? Why not both! No cat breed is more divisive than the hairless variety. Have a peek at these weirdos and fall in love with their peach fuzz.

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No cat breed is more divisive than the hairless variety. People usually fall on one side of the fence – they adore them or abhor them. Here at Backyard Cat Enclosures we embrace all kitty kinds and cat breeds – hairless cats are no exception! These bald wonders are actually some of the most affectionate and loyal pudda beans you will ever meet. Let’s boop heads with a few of them!   



The best known of the hairless weirdos, Sphynx cats are notoriously affectionate and fun-loving. These loveable lumps of peach fuzz skin are sweet on their hoomans and can often be found plastered to your side or watching everything you do with big, intense eyes. Originating from a bald feline freak named Prune in 1966, the Sphynx cat quickly became the most popular hairless cat breed available to smoothly snuggle.



Unlike the Sphynx cat, Donskoy cats are hairless due to a dominant gene. A Russian cat breeder with a keen eye for weird spotted a hairless cat on the streets of Rostov-on-Don and developed this robust eastern bloc pudda. Pobeditel!  


Ukrainian Levkoy

The Ukrainian Levkoy is a double whammy weirdo. Not only is it gloriously hairless, it also has the cutest folded ears! Created by crossbreeding Donskoy hairless cats with the wee bairn Scottish Fold cat breed, this hairless nugget is splendidly strange looking.



Another double dose of unique, the Bambino cat breed is a blend of hairless beauty and teeny stump legs. Bambinos were created as a cross between the Munchkin and Sphynx cat breeds. The perfect mix of petite and peculiar, these tiny, naked babies are still considered an experimental and rare breed.     


Have these weird and wonderful hairless cats snuggled into your heart yet? Purr-haps you prefer a full head of hairball? No matter, the fur-bulous thing about cats is that there is a breed to suit everyone!

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