5 Ways to Keep Your Cat Cool this Australia Day

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Karen Dell

Senior Editor • Backyard Cat Enclosures

25 January 2018

Blimey, puddas! The mercury is deadset reaching scorching levels lately, so keep your cat cobber calm and collected with these 5 ways to keep your cat cool this Australia Day.      

keeping cats cool in outdoor cat enclosure - hydration

  1. Keep your cats heckin' hydrated

Most cats are fickle drinkers, choosing to wait for a human to turn on a stray tap rather than drink from a stagnant bowl of room temp H2O. If you worry about leaving your cat with water sources they will turn their adorable pink noses up at, invest in an automatic drinker! The Flower Fountain keeps kitty interested in hydration with a constant filtered flow of cooling water. Make a day of it and crack open a cold one with your kitty. Offer a few different sources to choose from with optional cooling ice cubes. Bonza!

cat in Australia Day cork hat

  1. Keep your cool cats shaded

Give your cat as much outdoor shade as possible if they are in their enclosure for the day. Our Paws Playhouse cat run can be fitted with with custom shade mesh or UV insulation panels to turn their play space into an all day option. Placing your cat run or enclosure under a shady tree and providing ventilated hidey holes for your cat to escape to will help your pudda beat the midday heat. If they are inside, keep your pudda's favourite nap spots free from flamin' sunlight at the peak of the day. Cork hat optional - and adorable. 

cat keeping cool in enclosure

  1. Make sure your house, enclosure or cat run is ventilated properly

Your cat's space needs to be well ventilated to allow heat to escape. All our enclosures are designed to allow heat to escape in the summer and retain warmth in the winter. If you have a custom enclosure or cat run, make sure safety is still number one and any ventilation points are properly meshed to prevent snakes or predators from disturbing the pudda peace.

keeping cats cool in outdoor cat enclosure - grooming

  1. Keep your cat spiffy and their skin protected

Making sure your kitty is well-groomed will help them stay cool. Whether your kitty is short or long haired, removing any excess hair with a good daily brush will keep your kitty feeling fresh and fancy. Pale or hairless cat? Grab a pet friendly sunblock from your vet to keep them protected as they soak up the southern rays.

keeping cats cool in outdoor cat enclosure - pudda pops

  1. Make your cool kitty some Pudda Pops!

Give your furball a super cute treat with an easy to make frozen Pudda Pop! Simply mix some of their favourite wet food with some treats like kibble or dried meat and freeze in small batches (an ice cube tray works well). Your Pudda Pop flavours are only limited by your cat’s preferences. Tuna and mushy peas! Chicken and cat grass! Salmon and rockmelon! True Blue Vegemite Swirl! Try a few different varieties to see what your cat cobbers prefer.

cat panting in heat

Extra note: Keep an eye out for heat stroke

Some days are just too hot to escape from, no matter all our careful planning, so keep an eye out for heatstroke symptoms in your pudda. Heatstroke in cats is serious and you should consult your vet immediately if you see your cat panting, looking lethargic, drooling, vomiting or having trouble walking. Don’t cool your cat down too quickly with ice packs or freezing cold water. Use a cloth soaked in tepid water to slowly reduce their body temp until you can get to your vet.

We hope you have a purr-fect Australia Day filled with love and pawty-times. Enjoy your long weekend just like a cat would - doing whatever you purr-lease.


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