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A Guide to the Scottish Fold Cat

The highly squish-worthy Scottish Folds are chilled-out kitty cats that much prefer cuddles to conversation. Rarely will you hear them cry out for your attention, but they are masters of body language.

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scottish fold cat breed profile infographic



The story of the distinct looking Scottish Fold cat breed begins in Scotland (where else?) with Susie, a white cat with a rare gene mutation that made her ears curl down into tight little twists. In 1961, a local shepherd took interest in Susie’s case and took home one of her kittens. He bred them with other cats and even two generations later, the curled ears remained. And hence, the Scottish Fold cats – what can’t those shepherds do?



Did we mention the folded down ears? The folded down ears, human! The Scottish Fold cats know how to accessorise and those ears are really just a stylish little hat to go with its fabulously plush coat. The real fashionistas among them may rock more than one coat colour and there’s many patterns to choose from as well: solid, tabby or a mix of both.



The highly squish-worthy Scottish Fold is a chilled-out kitty cat that much prefers cuddles to conversation. Rarely will you hear them cry out for your attention, but they are masters of body language. This cat breed is known for its ridiculous sleeping positions – prepare to laugh out loud when you catch them in strange yogic poses. Snap enough goofy photos and you may just start a blog! When they aren’t sleeping, the Scottish Fold cats love a bit of good-natured play – maybe a favourite toy, with a sprinkle of catnip to supercharge this Highland warrior.



The Scottish Fold needs more TLC than most other cat breeds. You should regularly check their adorable little ears for buildup, as their tight curls seem to be a magnet for muck. Gently clean them with wet wipes to avoid a painful infection. Also, remember to give them plenty of exercise throughout their life as this couch-potato kitty is prone to joint-related problems. Other than that, remember to brush their coat, give them the occasional bath, and keep on top of your annual vet visit.


Suggested names

While we support going with a traditional Scottish name for this Highland feline, why not mix things up and name your cat after things that Fold. It’s not as hard as it sounds! Here are our suggestions:

  • Jeans
  • Pamphlet
  • Worm
  • Blaine
  • Slinky


Not yet a Fold Fanatic? Here are 5 reasons to change your tune. Or, if you want to know more about your new kitty’s health, click that clicker.

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